Power-Walking for charity

Power walking for charity

Last Saturday I walked a record 16,8 km in just under five hours. This is the longest I have ever walked in my entire life. I participated in the acclaimed charity ‘power walk’ from Avondale to Chisipite facilitated by Bon Marche supermarket. I think at least 150 people, including children participated.

an excellent turn-out, I think. Stash images

The walk officially started from Avondale shopping centre at 6:30am and most people were actually punctual. We enthusiastically took off right on time and initially, people walked so fast to get in front. It soon became apparent in this walkathon who was fit and who was not as some began to fall back and push up the rear.

Milk for freebies!!? This lady was a sight for sore legs

We had each been previously asked to donate a dollar towards charity, and it was a pleasant surprise when we arrived in the morning to find the Bon Marche team generously dishing out white branded T-Shirts and bright green caps. There was also plenty to drink along the way, from water to maheu. Free apples were also being dished out. We were being accompanied by police (who sadly were also walking, probably not out of choice) and an ambulance was also on stand-by following slowly behind the walkers.

All sorts of people of different races participated. The variety included mostly women of child bearing ages, obese youths, single young women, elderly white folk and even saggers (young men who wear their pants hanging mid-butt or lower). The latter, I noticed, did not survive to the finish line. This was clearly not the platform to get a ‘catch’. I had the pleasure of finding my next door neighbour also participating in the walk, and we had the opportunity to bond.

The first 9km leg from Avondale to Borrowdale was a stroll. I mainly struggled from Sam Levi’s village onwards, but I was not about to give up when I was so close to the finish line. In any case, there was this very energetic elderly woman who kept teasing my neighbour and I for lagging behind an old woman, namely herself. We later found out she was a gym instructor.

Myself after the hellishly long walk...

Two of my friends whom I insist are wimps drove to Mt Pleasant and started their walk from there. But I was glad they even walked at all. I earlier invited more than 20 friends to join in and a majority of them never showed (including those who needed the walk the most!)

In the end everyone arrived safe and sound and I am glad to say the services of the ambulance were never required. My best friend couldn’t resist replacing a few lost calories and bought herself a nice juicy burger as soon as she crossed the finish line.  It was however, such a fantastic challenge. I participated simply because I was up to it and also because in the fast paced world of today, there is hardly enough time to exercise the heart.

Excuse me, but I like my curves so bugger off!

Although Bon Marche has not yet announced how much money was collected for Bumudzo Old People’s home, I know it was a lot because other sponsors including Coca Cola and Delta came in and matched every dollar donated.

I hear the next walk (this time hosted by Spar) will take place sometime next month. I encourage all my friends and colleagues to participate because one not only gets to do a good deed, but there is an excuse to work out and also meet new people.

This one I hear will not be for wimps.

we even got certificates!


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