Eat. Drive. Sleep – A Feel Good Formula

A lot of us humanoids indulge in some little ‘creature comforts’ when we feel low and subdued. Sometimes we cannot even connect why that piece of dark chocolate brings that much appreciated tingling sensation that cascades throughout our bodies. Better yet, why that soft chocolate cake with fresh cream will lighten up the entire day; and we will not be comforted only until we have had some. Can anyone blame me for craving this once in a while?








Or, maybe a fast run in a sports car would bring to life nothing but a Formula 1 experience whose adrenalin rush would be sure to detox the entire day’s stresses. A little Need for Speed can be forgiven once in a while too.








When all else fails and after a day’s hard work, indulging in a little sleep between fresh white linen might suffice and never fails to bring out a new person in you. A few snooze hours afford one some private moments to actually forget one’s problems, even if its just for a little while.







What is your biggest feel better indulgence at your lowest moments? Share your feel good formula, somebody needs it.


3 thoughts on “Eat. Drive. Sleep – A Feel Good Formula

  1. When ecstatic, I throttle my beast of a ride on the freeway 🙂 Tucked in the sports seat I get the same exhilarating feeling I get on airplane take off. This animated shuffle is consumated by an immersing soundtrack preferably of the rock genre – U2, Bon Jovi get the job done. Weaving past traffic adds to my speed high! The thrust of the car jamming me against the seat gives me a ‘Darth Vader’ instinct. I am unstoppable, well at least until the sighting of the State Trooper car – then I ease my throttle and head back to base.. Already anticipationg my next excuse to indulge myself in my guilty pleasure..

  2. “Rage” music does it for me…lolest! You know the kind of music with lyrics that go something like “F**k this” or “F**k” that and have an undertone of rebellion like “I can do better by myself” or “I won’t let the haters make a name of me”…lol! Something like that…. very loud and very f**k off kinda music… I really feel ready to get up and get back on the battlefield of life!

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