Big brother condones violence against men

Hannington and Lerato

Hannington & Lerato in happier moments

Violent man evicted from BB House, exaggerated a headline on a news article by one Sheree Bega. Ugandan Big Brother (or is it Big Sister?) All Stars housemate Hannington Kuteesa has been sent packing purpotedly because of public outrage following his physical scuffle with one of the female barnmates. If BB had to be pressured to evict Hannington and only did it days later, I’d like to think they initially didn’t think Hannington was entirely to blame. Infact, BB concedes that Lerato provoked him, so why the ouster?

Talk about making mountains out of molehills with much ado about nothing. Authorities from various civic groups have even been quoted commenting on the issue and blasting Hannington’s ‘violence’, which begs the question of whether they all actually watch the show. I’m sure somebody from BB had to take video clips to them on a self-righteousness mission; what we call kutsvaga dzvene in Shona.

Otherwise, there was really no need for an eviction. If anything, Hannington and Lerato (the alleged victim) should have both been evicted, because verbal assault is just as bad as physical. Or they should both have been retained with equal punishment.

I also read somewhere about Lerato’s mother saying her daughter has never been exposed to violence. Oh really? Well, that drunken, drink throwing and foul mouthed Lerato clearly got lessons somewhere on how to push a man over the edge.  If what she contributed to the skirmish is not violent, I don’t know what is. I mean, people need to move away from this narrow-minded perception that violence is only expressed physically. Lerato’s behavior that Tuesday brought a whole new meaning to the assertion: a lady is a lady till she gets drunk; then, true character comes out and she becomes a tramp.

Ok so BB won’t tolerate violence against women, but it’s ok if it’s perpetrated against men?

In any case, Hannington never hit that woman. He shoved her back, after she had been all up in his face to a point. Big difference.

It’s just pathetic that society always allows the women to get away with violence. Is it because they (women) have often historically been at the receiving end? There are some violent women out there, and Lerato is one of them.

If anybody cared to listen to his interview with IK, Hannington – not necessarily seeking justification – explains that eight weeks in those less than normal conditions tend to do that to you. I mean, look at how such unnatural conditions drove Yacob to near insanity before he opted out.

I also thought the concept behind the show was a social experiement to demonstrate how human nature fares in unnaturally constricted spaces and other stimuli.  Under such conditions, fights and squabbles are therefore to be expected. The kind of over the top interference as seen recently defeats the purpose of the show and exaggerates the level of understandable human disagreement that occurred.

Big Brother’s judgement was too emotional, sentimental and unfair to say the least. This injustice has just made me lose all respect for the show. I don’t support any form of violence, including abuse of women, but women must not take advantage to abuse too. For me this was nought but M-Net caving in under pressure from the likes of People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA) who always grab the slightest opportunity to display their extreme feminist fundamentalisms. I wonder what the verdict would have been had it been been two women bashing each other’s brains out instead.

What I find to be the biggest irony is the fact that in that house, violence and abuse are rife with so much foul-mouthed expletive-heavy swearing bouncing off the walls left right and centre. In that case, everybody should be evicted for violence, or BB should just ban swearing, among other forms of abuse.


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