The women are the bigger fools

The constant hoopla around Zuma’s polygamy really is getting exhausting; with journos shifting attention to what he is up to each time they are suffering the diary draught. It has become nothing short of selling tabloid headlines. Can’t they get it through their thick heads? The man said it loud and clear – much to the indignation of feminists and gender activists – it is his (Zulu) culture, and the problem with most of us is indeed “thinking that our cultures are far more superior to those of others”. What Zuma is doing is to be expected, those are some of the hazards of having a clown for a president.

My bone of contention is; are the women involved in all this being oppressed? Have any of them been forced into marriage by this lunatic? Are not the majority of them young, pretty and educated but found jostling amongst themselves to be the next best lady? Do they not make public appearances next to the imposing Zulu President all smiley and beaming with self-importance and contentment?  Why are they being made to look like the victims? I mean so what if he has just fathered his 20th child and married his umpteenth wife? Though old-fashioned, the man can afford it for Pete’s sake and it is clearly not illegal in his country? In any case, those children are lucky at all to be born of the President of the most powerful country in Sub Saharan Africa.

I agree the man has a strangely colossal libido, is possibly a paraphiliac, a fool and whatever else the media choose to label him, but I think the fascination with Zuma’s polygamy deserves nothing more than the attention of National Geographic to ‘Africa’s Strangest’. The media are having a field day and the feminists have developed a serious bone to chew, yet the Swazi King Mswati leaves the most polygamous green with envy and for him, marrying is an annual exploit. His father before him had 70 wives by the time of his death too.

If anything, the only sad thing I find about Zuma’s actions is the fact that he claims he loves all his women equally. I feel a certain amount of pity for his first wife, the rotund (read solid) MaKhumalo – who clearly looked unhappy alongside her husband during his inauguration as President of South Africa. It is common knowledge that this woman rarely appears in public, let alone at the arm of her husband. One could almost guess what was going through her mind – probably that her being taken along for this auspicious occasion was just for show: Zuma, the family man who respects his first wife. God only knows he would have preferred to make that grand appearance with one of the younger ‘trophies’ as the young men here would say it.

virgin hopefuls

Colorful hopefuls ripe for the picking like tomatoes at the market

This – my colleagues is the battle of the “ Desperate First Wives”, and they are all vying for the title of first lady. From the South African Foreign Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma to the youngest (and currently prettiest) wife Nompumelelo Ntuli, I can tell you, none of then went kicking and screaming to their Umshado wesiZulu (Zulu wedding). New word on the street has it that Zuma has impreganted another youngling, and she is none other than businessman Irvin Khoza’s daughter! I daresay the media spotlight must beam on these women; they are the bigger fools for embarrassing themselves and allowing themselves to be treated in this way. Who are they, what makes them tick, what made powerful people like themselves fall for this man? Just what was it for each one of them – wealth, fame? Trust me; that would make interesting reading and ‘news’ for a change.

The way Investigative Zim sees it is that; either South Africa is reinventing the concept of political morality and public responsibility among its leaders, or something is seriously wrong with the presidency and the nation just hasn’t woken up to it yet. I shant say more.


6 thoughts on “The women are the bigger fools

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  2. Hey love!!! Absolutely enjoyed myself… I haven’t bothered to join the anti-Zuma fray in defence of his wives because my feeling is they are NOT victims but accomplices to the man. Really, would he be a polygamist without the complicit compliance of those women? I tell you those women don’t deserve all the outrage and sympathy that gender activists and women’s groups in SA have been showering them with. Talk about crying louder than the bereaved – we need to turn our energies to more deserving women who are genuinely aggrieved not Zuma and his harem of wives, girlfriends and fiancees… Thank you for articulating my feelings so well…Love it!

  3. Thanks Tawanda. Other ‘patients’, indeed! I think the glaring difference between Tiger and Zuma is, the former does not marry the women he sleeps around with.

  4. Interesting post… I hadnt thought of what goes on in the heads of the women. But then again, whats the difference between Zuma and Tiger? If Zuma uses culture to explain his unquenchable thirst, he leaves other patients without an explanation. He must go to rehab.

  5. Hey Natasha, I really love your writing, very thought provoking. you should find time to scribble more often. It is very sad what socialization has done to our women, and for me, the only motivation can only be money and status – for these women. Its a pity,with what HIV is doing to humanity people take pride in having multiple sexual relations like this, And I say this man is such an embarrasment to the continent, somebody ought to castrate him. I can only imagine the one of his poor wives who killed herself after 24 years of hell – life turned out in a way she never imagined and she just coulndnt handle watching him with all those other women most likely..

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