Bombed the hell out!

Finally. I can safely conclude that my house is cockroach free. For now. Saturday I went out and got a deadly insecticide specifically made for these nasty critters called DyRoach. I also bought some yellow jell-like substance from the street vendors that I understand sticking it in corners acts as a repellant. We’ll see. I have also got a lot of handy hints from friends, i.e never leave food out. Get rid of the garbage regularly. Dry all surfaces and never leave dirty dishes overnight in the sink. Sprinkle baking soda, when roaches eat it, it expands inside their little guts and explodes. Sprinkle bay leaves in their favorite spots. The smell though sweet to humans, is appallingly revolting to them.

Living in a flat can be such a nightmare where these little critters are concerned, especially for one who has serious roach-phobia like myself. They are a such menace hopping from door to door carrying all sorts of germs, I can only imagine what in view of the pigs that live next door. It is worse when any of the fellow tenants exterminates. As it got warmer in October, I was beginning to see a lot of roach especially in my kitchen, everywhere, the food cupboards, under the sink, under the fridge. They nolonger seemed bothered by the light and even waltzed across my floor lackadaisically in broad daylight! Thankfully, they were not the huge German type, eek, but they were still roaches. A lot of them had those little detestable eggs sticking out their butts, very pregnant. After searching around on remedies, here is how I did it:

1. Bought a lot of plastic containers with tight lids and have started storing all the food in there, the lids so tight the roaches wont even smell a thing.

2. I cleaned out all the shelves, having taken out the crockery and dishes first. A simple mixture of Jik (stain remover) and water made a good disinfectant.

3. I covered my nose with a cloth THEN bombed the place up with insecticide, madly spraying in all cracks and dark corners that for a moment the kitchen misted over. In a matter of seconds the little bastards came out scurrying for dear life. It was such a victoriously liberating experience…

I am happy to say that the massive roach massacre had a 99% success rate; the bloodbath a near total knockout with high mortality rate. There were no visible survivors. The battle ground looked something like this in the aftermath:



4 thoughts on “Bombed the hell out!

  1. Bought one of those toy guitars on the 23rd for my son Mzilikazi, took him and his brother to Cape Town the very same day and by the time we got there (buses), the boy could strum a few tunes. Miss the boys, miss their tunes. Am happy you also like the guitar!

  2. Oh lol, you funny Godfrey man, roach jumping out your collar, but that is a reality, I am ashamed to admit that one crawled out of my laptop bag at a conference, I quickly stepped on it and remained glued to the spot to everyone’s curiosity, lol. Thanks much

  3. For the past six months I have been sharing a house with a guy who just does not care. Cockroaches run around the house as if they own the place. When I told him I’d be buying a roach killer and we’d share the costs he looked at me with a wicked face that said: WHAT? I’m thinking of putting some in his food, but it’s just a tiny, distant thought that might, or might not, be implemented in this life. His thinking is, his g’friends (he has three) regularly visit for a sh… and they don’t seem to care about the little beasts, so why should I?
    I am looking for a roach-free house to rent, preferably somewhere in or around Vic Falls, which is where I work as a tour guide. Someday I’ll be at the airport holding a placard that says, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Welcome to Vic Falls and a fat, bloated cockroach will jump from my collar and walk across the white placard… URGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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